Rafał Żarski 

Last Revolutionary, 2014 

7 min. 22 sec.

Rafał Żarski’s video shows an image of a contemporary revolutionary roaming around aimlessly in the public space, holding a sportive spear and wearing a mask in the colours of the Coca-Cola logo (or the Polish flag). Żarski maintains an ironic distance from the notion of the revolutionary. He is neither engaged in political revolution nor fulfills the romantic idea of a rebel without a cause, but rather offers a committed critical statement in defiance of reality. 

Rafał Żarski (b. 1989, lives and works in Poznań) is an interdisciplinary visual artist. In 2016 He received his MFA from the Photomedia Studio at the Academy of Arts in Szczecin (Poland). In 2013, he was awarded the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for students of art schools for outstanding creative achievements. In 2016-2020 together with polish curator Tomek Pawłowski, he co-created an experimental travel agency which had organized trips, walks, and performative tours, which consisted in creating alternative experiences in the city’s spaces, galleries and art institutions. From 2017 He participates in Flow project – a mobile artist residency based on the experience of the Vistula river. In 2018 He took part in a residency program in Brno House of Art (Czech Republic).

This work is presented with the support of the Polish Institute in Israel.