Guido van der Werve

Nummer Negen, The Day I didn’t Turn with the World, 2007

8 min. 40 sec.

For twenty-four hours on the axis of the world, starting on April 28, 2007, Guido van der Werve did not move along with the Earth, but the planet rather revolved around him. Compressing that day into eight minutes and forty seconds of time-lapse photography transferred to high-definition video, Nummer negen: The day I didn’t turn with the world, shows the artist standing on tundra at the North Pole turning against the earth’s rotation at exactly its pace.


Guido van der Werve (b. 1977, in Papendrecht, the Netherlands. Lives and works in Berlin) started out as a performance artist, but unwilling to perform live and more than once, he began to document his performances. Developing this practice, he quickly got interested in film and cinematography, where he found a similar emotional directness as in music, which he was missing in visual arts. The key element of his works is still performance, but he added music, text, sport and atmospheric scenes as returning elements. His works are characterized by long meditative shots and a refusal to work with actors. Since 2007 he has been composing his own music. Up to this point, van der Werve created fifteen elaborate works, which have been exhibited and screened widely, finding recognition in both the art and film world. He received many awards including the Volkskrant Beeldende kunst prijs in 2007, and exhibited extensively in venues like the Kunsthalle Basel, MoMA/PS1, the Venice Biennial, Performa, the Moscow Biennial, the Istanbul Biennial and Manifesta.


This work is presented with the support of the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.