Brian Duggan

Door, 2005

1 min. 44 sec.

In his work Door from 2005 Brian Duggan walks through what looks like the doorway of an ancient ruin. The humorous upside-down screening of the video helps him investigate the physical limitations of his body and his immediate environment and opens a doorway for him and for the viewers to ask where they stand, what binds them and where they find themselves in the world.

Brian Duggan (b. 1971, lives and works in Dublin) is a multidisciplinary artist, working in sculpture, film, installation, printing, publishing and sound. His work was exhibited in different venues worldwide, including Irish Museum of Modern Art, Crawford Gallery in Cork, ISCP in New York, Dublin City Gallery: The Hugh Lane, Limerick City Gallery of Art, and Visual in Carlow. He participated in the residency programs of IMMA, CCI Paris, Project 304 Bangkok, ChangMai Thailand and ISCP, New York. 

This work is presented with the support of the Irish Embassy in Israel.