Jaan Toomik

Seagulls, 2004

1 min. 42 sec.


Seagulls, 2004, is a music video made in collaboration with Rainer Jansis, an experimental musician. In it, Toomik is the vocalist and Jansis provides the music. Seagulls was filmed and performed under water. It is based on the nightmarish bodily limitations we often experience in dreams: the physical restrictions of the body (the inability to run fast, for example), and the physical inability to communicate and express ourselves. 

Jaan Toomik (b. 1961 in Tartu, lives and works in Tallinn) is a painter, performance and video artist, professor and head of the painting department at the Estonian Academy of Art. Toomik has exhibited in numerous venus worldwide, among them are ARS ’95 (Helsinki, 1995), Manifesta 1 (Rotterdam, 1996), the Venice Biennale (1997, 2003), Beijing International Art Biennale (2005), Berlin Biennale (2006), and “Ostalgia “(New Museum, New York, 2011). He started making short films in the 2000s and completed his first full-length feature film in 2014. His films have been shown at international film festivals in Oberhausen, Rotterdam, Basel, São Paulo, Tallinn etc.

This work is presented with the support of the Embassy of Estonia