Rona Yefman and Tanja Schlander 

The Burnt Forest, 2006/2019

2 min. 42 sec.


Rona Yefman and Tanja Schlander’s video is part of an ongoing collaboration between the artists where they transform their childhood hero Pippi Longstocking, a rebellious character with socially subversive ideas, to a contemporary female artist by using Tanja as the protagonist, because her similarities of biographical details, spirit and appearance. In the current video, Tanja/Pippi L. is walking through a burned forest, expressing empathy and care to the trees that were burned because of human violence. As a sound artist, she wanted to listen to them and record them.

Rona Yefman (b. 1972, lives and works between N.Y. and Israel) is working in photography, video and installation. Her work was exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in numerous venues, including Participant inc. and Sculpture Center NY, Oslo Kunstforening, Haifa Museum of Art, Miami Art Basel, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Museum Marco Vigo, The Jewish Museum, NY, MOCA Cleveland and Kunsthala Wein. She is a recipient of The Lotos Club Award, The Rema Hort Mann Scholarship, Gerard Levy Prize for a young photographer by the Israel Museum and The Ingeborg Bachmann Scholarship Established by Anselm Kiefer for The Wolf Foundation.

Tanja Schlander (b. 1974, lives and works in Copenhagen) received her MFA from Det Jyske Kunstakademi in Aarhus in 2007, with exchange periods at Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi in Copenhagen and Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem. She has worked with real sound and sound collages since being a teenager and has taken part in numerous exhibitions, performances and radio broadcasts internationally. Alongside her artistic practice, Schlander is a zone therapist, masseuse, healer, craniosacral therapist and clairvoyant.