Pavel Jestřáb

Cantata, 2020

1 min. 13 sec.


Wearing a festive traditional costume of the South Moravia region that he inherited from his grandfather, Pavel Jestřáb entered the local swamp that serves as his natural studio for more than ten years and conducted an orchestra of frogs. This hard-to-reach swamp was inhospitable, inaccessible, and smelly for many years until the pandemic came and turned it into a place for secret dates, alcohol parties, smoking, and ice skating for people that fled the city under lockdown. When the  lockdown ended, people stopped visiting the swamp, trampled paths were immediately overgrown with grass and wild bushes, and it became inaccessible again. Human activities returned to the city and the borrowed swamp returned to nature.

Pavel Jestřáb (b. 1979) is a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Studio of Intermedia Art, and of the University of Ostrava, Faculty of Education (Teacher of Czech Language and Literature / Art). Jestřáb participated in exhibitions, screenings, and video events in different venues, among them are Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia and Kinsky Palace, national galleries in Prague, and Meetings Video and Performance Festival in Vemb, Denmark. 

This work is presented with the support of the Czech Centre in Israel.