Towards A New Community

After a year of isolation, quarantines, and solitude, we are now facing the need to rethink the idea of a community. Permanent changes occurred in our understanding of what it means to live together and physical distancing influenced the way we understand the idea of “being together” both from a distance and in isolation. Is it possible to be together when we are alone? Show solidarity and empathy when everyone is with themselves? Resist together while we are apart? How do we maintain a sense of community and resilience when we cannot gather?

“Towards a New Community” is a sequence of 20 short video works (1-6 minutes each) by artists from Europe, with a limited number of Israeli artists. In each work, we see one person immersed in an act of interaction, empathy, healing, protest or resistance. Screened simultaneously on four big led screens in three different cities – Haifa, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa and Eilat – the works raise questions about our ability to disassemble and reassemble our understanding of terms like being together and being alone and establish a new thought about how to build a new community following the epidemic.

The EU operates every day, all over the globe, to advance local communities. To empower local leaders. Be it through the empowerment of women in the Bedouin community, or through strengthening the connections between Haredi leaders and their constituents, the organization strives to create stronger and healthier communities. The COVID-19 crisis has separated many of us physically, but it also showed us the best sides of effective local leadership

Curator: Avi Lubin